Zen Garden Cosmetics is delighted to offer you  a range of 100% natural  and100% vegans massage candles and cosmetics.

Not sure what’s best for you? We pre-created for you a set of cosmetic massage candles, designed to reveal the properties of its natural ingredients. Different ingredients were selected according to the desired effects.

And for a personalised experience, design the massage candle tailored to your needs and your fancy.

My personalised cosmetic candle, in three steps

Early birds price: 19.99£ instead of 24.99£

Skin’s daily needs differ from one individual to another, depending on our daily habits, our projects, the environment in which we live and the circumstances of life. With Zen Garden Cosmetics, you design your personalised cosmetic candle and help you to chose the best ingredients adapted to your needs and preferences.

Your candle massage will contain:

  Soy wax, and amazing moisturiser and 100% natural
3 bases of oil
Essential oil or natural fragrance

Zen Garden then finalizes the composition and its realization.

Zen Garden Cosmetics is exploring Madagascar’s plants

To offer you ingredients both exotic and rich in virtues, Zen Garden Cosmetics selects for your massage candles ingredients coming from Madagascar.

Our ultimate goal: to open an ethical cosmetic oil mill in the big island to offer you environmentally friendly ingredients and to participate in our scale to the economic and social development of the country.

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